Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Easter 2008! Wow!

We went over to Mom and Dad's for an early 'dinner' with Aunt Roe, Uncle Bob, Marc, and Grandma coming down as well. It was a very nice time and dinner was yummy! Emily and Mason had a blast together and GG certainly enjoyed spending time with them. :) I will have to upload my pics online tomorrow and def. post some for everyone to see!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Erie Blizzard 2008

Wow we got alot of snow! Well over a foot and it's still snowing!! I had to work yesterday (Sat) and the roads weren't even plowed! No joke!! I was bottoming out most of the way there...well until I hit Pittsburgh Ave (read: Millcreek) then it was atleast plowed a bit. But people were stuck everywhere, and they eventually put out a 'do not drive unless absolutely necessary' warning across Erie. Nice. Here's our back walkway when I got home at 1...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Gap Addiction

Ok, so I admit it. 100%. I have a serious problem with shopping at Gap! I have bought more clothes from there for Livi in the past 2 months, then I've ever purchased from there in my life! It seems like every day there's a new package or two in my mailbox, lol. Here's a nice sampling of Livi's new summer wardrobe...

Mike is 3-0!

Wow I can't believe it!
We went out Saturday night with Steve, Andi, Geo, Deb, Mike, Emily, Jaime, Paul, Mark, Deb, Corey, Lisa and had a blast! We started at Fox and Hound, then traveled up to Docs, then back on down to Rack & Roll. Pictures to follow once I get them from Jaime ;)