Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oh, Violet.....

I've heard amonst friends, that most little girls (and I suppose boys can too!) will cut their own hair when they're younger. Livi was never one of them, so it was just something that I guess I took for granted. Until Violet. But she couldn't just cut her hair....V likes to be different, and unique from the rest of the world. So....she shaved off a big chunk of her eyebrow. Awesomeness all around huh? It's amazing that she didn't cut herself, and I will admit, it's quite a story!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Holy Hell it's been too long!

How awful! I can't believe it's been like, ::gulp:: a YEAR AND A HALF!? What happened???
The girls have both started school. BOTH! Livi went back to Montessori, and Miss Kim's room - 2nd grade! And Violet started Jr Preschool at Harborcare. Both absolutely love it! This past summer Livi got to spend 2 days a week with Nana...and in turn spent 2 days a week at Waldameer! Mom bought season passes for them to go, and Livi definitely looked forward to it :) On one of the last days before school started, Mom and I took both girls there...and Livi had so much fun showing Violet around. And before you get all "why is there only picture of Livi".....Livi and I rode the same things so obviously I was on the ride at the time and couldn't really be snapping pics :p

So, school.
The first day of school was different for both of them, Livi starting first. :) The last few weeks of summer she would ask every day if school was starting soon....she must have gotten that from me! :) So Wednesday, August 29th, it started....

And Violet's official day of Jr Preschool was Tuesday, September 4th. She was so happy to have Miss Balko as a teacher again! Of course not too much changed for her, since it's the same building, same kids, same teacher (kind of), etc....but she was SO excited to be starting school like sissy had!