Sunday, July 27, 2008


So we went to the banks Waldameer picnic yesterday. Myself, Mom, Livi and Mason. I was hoping for a nice, cool, breezy, day, but had to be a billion degrees and muggy. Great. Mike and Dad were out golfing so it was just us to fend for ourselves. They had it in the Rainbow Gardens building like last year, which just condenses the heat more. BUT they had beer so it was ok ;)
Livi and Mason absolutely LOVED it! They went on so many rides, and the plus side was the kid rides didn't have a mile long line attatched to many cases they would get off, and get right back on again, yay! So we stayed for several hours...well, until most of us were a puddle of sweaty goo, lol. Being out in the sun walking around just sucks they life out of you! All in all, it was fun!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Relay for Life Walk

This morning was the Relay for Life walk up at the McDowell 6am! I woke Calley up when I called her at 5:40 and grabbed us each a coffee for our early morning rise and shine. And it honestly was pretty fun! Amy joined us at 7, and the three of us ended up leaving at 8 once our 'tagoffs' came in to relieve us. It rained last night so we brought umbrellas, but never did need them. They had several tents set up around the track offering refreshments for donations, and even had a DJ there to keep the spirit up! And even though it really was not fun waking up so early on a Sunday, it was nice to get out in the morning air and before it got too hot. Plus it made the day seem much longer! Next year we decided to go as a family...Livi will love it!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


We finally built the swingset we've been talking about getting for a year now, yay!!! AND we did it almost primarily by ourselves ( a little help from Mike S at the end ) only took us 8 hours, lol! Livi went over to Nana and Paps while we built it and then brought her home to surprise her with it :) SHE LOVED IT!!! I still have to upload the pics looks so nice!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have found that blech is the most overused word in my written vocabulary lately. Hmmmm. Really no reason why, it just is. Whatever I suppose ;)

It's so hot and miserable out. Extremely hot and miserable actually. I hate this weather. Blech. Mike and Livi went over to Steve and Andi's to swim. No way this whale is getting in, lol. But it's been a stressful week for me and I just feel blah and not too well so I decided to stay in and relax tonight. I might actually even go to bed early. Yes, I will try.

We got our subs and pretzel sandwiches today from daycare. I had kind of high expectations, and they were pretty, well, blech. I hope I'm the only one who feels that way though. I don't want people to be unhappy with them!

Boring day, boring blog. I'm getting into the fall shopping mood and it's not going to be good on my wallet! Time to push for that raise I suppose....

Monday, July 14, 2008

Life as we know it.

I wish I was one of those people who has OCD about cleaning. I wish I was one of those people that did a bit of cleaning every day. I wish I was one of those people who did cleaning once a week. ::sigh:: It's just not in me to clean. I loathe it. And with 4 dogs at the moment, 2 cats (new addition!!!) and 2 guinea pigs (oh, and a Livi and Mike, lol) cleaning is kind of a necessity. Blech. We have actually looked into hiring a maid once a week to come in and do the deeper cleaning and then maybe we'll just do the lighter, picking up during the week. Eh who am I kidding....we will just have a clean house that one day a week! We're awaiting the price quote, which I don't think will be too nice. But it's worth. Completely, completely worth it. :)

GBR time is here again! And for the first time in an extremely long time, there is actually two lines out right now that I'm loving. Wow I know. But now the hard decision of actually choosing which pieces I want. ;) THAT's the hard part! And with the new Gap lines coming out as well I'm at a tossup on what exactly to buy! I went into the summer buying absolutely every single item I loved, and more then half of it still has tags on it. So....I'm trying to limit myself, and only buy a few complete outfits from each line, then items to mix and match with. I figure I can 'fill in the gaps' with stuff from Childrens Place and Target. I love Target! I think Old Navy quality has gone down the crapper and haven't bought anything from there (besides a bathing suit) in quite a long time. It's more expensive and less quality. Blah blah. I think I'm quite obsessed....

We adopted a new cat yesterday!!! I was looking on the Humane Society website and came across a cat that needed adopting. Well to adopt a cat from there is 125.00! Insane huh? So we drove up to Petsmart and looked there. I didn't want a kitten, but moreso an older cat that needed a good home. And we found her! She's an adult (but still a young one) that's been there for a bit, and was just spayed recently (still has stitches actually!) and her name is Apple. Adorable! She's a light calico color and so loving! Such an opposite from our Gaia! ;) She's fit in perfectly here, even though she still doesn't quite know what to make of the dogs, lol. I will be posting pics shortly!