Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas was fabulous this year!! We hosted Christmas Eve dinner for my side of the family and after all the stress and money that went into it, it turned out really really nice. Mike made crab cakes and spinach balls for appetizers, along with a various assortment of chips and dips, then had a 15 pound fresh ham for the main course, with mashed potatoes, homemade mac & cheese, corn, asparagus, rolls, cauliflower, etc. And the one thing that I did (yes I HATE cooking!) was an ice cream dessert that was just fab! :) Everyone left late, then we cleaned up, put out the reindeer food and Santa key, ice cream dessert and milk for Santa, and went to bed.

The girls slept in until around 8 which was really nice! I went in when I heard V stirring, and while I was getting her Livi got up as well. We got Daddy up and went to see what Santa brought. Instead of getting into everything now, I will post a toy review post, (lol) to keep the memories of what *I* thought was great vs. what *Livi* did. But we had a great morning, and I made a sausage quiche/breakfast casserole and Monkey bread. YUM!!! After breakfast, we all got ready and went to Mom and Dad's by noon to open gifts in preparation for 'dinner' at 1:3o. Again, the kids were spoiled! :) Dinner was fabulous, and the wine was completely awesome HA! We were there for awhile, while the guys played cards and the girls played with the kids. We ended up leaving there, and going to Steve and Andi's to do more gifts, then onto Aunt Elaine's house we went! Grandma K LOVED seeing the girls and the house was more full this year with Violet and Konnor there. :) Livi and Sami had a lot of fun running around and playing with the other cousins and Mike and I enjoyed everyone's company. :)

It was a great great day, but boy was it exhausting!! We got home and both girls crashed fast. The best Christmas yet!!