Sunday, January 30, 2011

Make your own decisions, not somebody else's......

This week’s ADM Blog Hop:

What is the best advice you received but never thought you’d use?

When I was growing up, I tended to be a follower. I hated leading, I hated being the first to try something, I hated putting myself out there so as the saying goes. It was just so much easier following. Liking what someone else liked, and having the opinion of a friend just seemed so much of an easy road to take.

"Make your own decisions, not somebody else's"

That's what my Mom would say to me.
But, I didn't.
I started smoking in high school because my friends did. I went to a college that friends were going to. I picked my major in college because that was what my family wanted. I stayed with a boyfriend because my friends liked him. I chopped my hair because my roommate did. Went on a pretty intense diet because someone else did.


It wasn't until I met Mike and started dating him that I started following my Mom's advice.
"Make your own decisions" she'd say,
"Not somebody else's".

And I listened.
I went back to listening to dance music because I liked it. My friends were still listening to rap, but you know what I decided? I didn't like rap. In fact I hated it. That was my first step.
It seems stupid, it does. Even writing it out, I'm thinking to myself what a weak, ignorant person I use to be. I didn't think for myself, live for myself, or do for myself.

"Make your own decisions"

Mike and I moved to Cleveland shortly after dating for a job opportunity for him. Everyone was against us because we didn't know each other that family huffed and puffed about it, my friends were having the serious talks with us. But I did what my heart told me to....and I made my own decision.

My Dad quit talking to us for about 4 months. Not a word, a peep, a glance....nadda. We were "playing house" after all by not being married. But I made my own decision and not somebody else's.

We obviously got married a few years later, then decided to start a family, and had Livi. (no drugs involved...another big to-do about that!) And of course by having children, there's that plethora of unwanted advice on how to "properly" raise a child.

I would think the biggest decision we made was to not vaccinate. Oh boy did I open a huge can of worms with that one. So I started to cave. But then Mike brought me back to why I made that decision in the first place. And maybe my decisions on not to vaccinate don't make sense to the majority of people, and you know what? I don't care. It was my decision to make. But...I think that's another whole blog topic right there ;)

We ended up moving back to Erie. Another HUGE decision that we had to make and stick with it. We both loved our jobs in Cleveland. Like, really really loved them. (I actually stayed 2 weeks more in Cleveland while Mike was in Erie because I didn't want to leave. Sick, huh? Ha!) But we knew that moving was the best decision for us as a family. Our decision....nobody else's.
I could go on and on about different occurrences throughout the years, but I won't bore you anymore ;) But I still keep my Mom's advice there. I try to instill in Olivia and Violet what was instilled in me over the years. And I know it won't sink in immediately...we all have our growing to do...but it's there. And I'll be there for them the way my parents were there for me.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Join our Blog Hop! This week's topic is from Sara on lovies :)

Topic: Share how your child, or you, or someone you know, found and adopted his/her lovey and the importance of it in his/her life. As a bonus, feel free to add cute pictures of your little ones with their loveys

Let's start with Blankik (blank-ick for those wondering).....

Blankik entered our lives at my baby shower....way back in September 2004....

And when Livi was brought home, it was our #1 go-to blankie....

....and hasn't left her side since.

And now, she is 6. Blankik (who had a name change from Bubba to Blankik somewhere around age 3.5....)goes everywhere with us. EV.ERY.WHERE. Livi has even been sneaking her in her backpack to kindergarten. Yep, that's right folks...she takes her to school. Blankik used to be a very nice, vibrant, soft pink....way back 6 years ago. Now? Well she's a little, eh, not so vibrant. We have tried to get another one with absolutely zero luck. We've even had Livi pick out new ones...."Bubba", "Flower", "Blankie"....but Blankik still reigns supreme.

And I'm fine with it. Heck, I still have my blankie from when I was born. It's ripped, and stained, and, well, just plain ole Old. But I love it. It still hangs out in our bedroom every night as well. :)
But Livi is attached. And I don't see anything wrong with that. Let her have her fun (because you know Blankik can be a cape, a person, a blankie, a skirt, and more!) and enjoy her childhood :)

Now onto V....
Little Miss Violet doesn't really have one as of yet. I know at her age Livi was already deeply attatched so I don't know if V just won't have one? She likes going to sleep with one, but it doesn't really matter to her which one it is.
This is the one that we tried pawning onto her :)

And if anything, I would say she likes that one best. But is it her, or is it just because that's the one that any of us grab first? Hmmmmm...

But I had to take this picture this girlies and their loveys :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sweet pic of the day :)

It's been a crappy day, crappy week so yeah. So instead of dwelling, here's a sweet pic of the girlies :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

Sunday, January 2, 2011


It's Sunday. I hate Sundays. They symbolize the last day before starting the work week again. I should enjoy them, I know that. But I can't. I feel like the doom is just hanging out there, reminding me at every turn that work is in my near future. Especially this Sunday. I was on vaca this past week and it was simply and utterly glorious! Like honestly made me sit down and think about quitting my job and being a SAHM. Well, huh! And I think I would....except I'm totally worried about the future. I'm worried if (God forbid) anything would happen to Mike down the would I reenter the work force? I just couldn't. And the thought of that terrifies me to death. And I would simply LOVE to go part 3-4 days a week. And I could. But I would also be losing about 25K a year to step down....and I'm so not ready to do that either!
We're getting ready to go to Aubreigh's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Wrapped the gifts, showered, and threw some laundry in. :) Mike and Steve went to see True Grit so I'm waiting anxiously for him to arrive back home with some Chipotle before we head out. YUM. Because tomorrow it starts.....the 4 letter word that we just won't mention here. And that means no more Chipotle every day....which makes me very sad. Lol.
Well V is getting up so gotta run!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Ahhhhhh 2011.
Wow, really? Where did the past year go?
I'm not one to make resolutions with any staying power, so I think I'll just forget them this year and consider it a small victory. What I will do though is do a complete makeover this year. There are things that I would like to change around in life that I just need to do. From feeling better about myself, to focusing more on renovating our house, to saving better, etc. We want to get out of this house that we have outgrown, and the only way to do that is to continue to renovate until the housing market gets a bit better. And in order to do that, I need to put myself on a spending freeze for at least the next month or so. Nothing. Nadda. Nelch. We need no more clothes in this house, and I HAVE to stop buying. Is it sad that I just went through Livi's clothes alone and packed up the equivalent of 7 garbage bags full of fall stuff that she outgrew already?? Now is it more sad that probably 1/3 of that stuff still has tags on it???? Wow. Just wow. So I promised Mike no more for the next 2 months. Well, not including the pretty big (ok, insanely big) Mini Boden spring preview order that will be coming through. But I don't feel like that counts since I *did* order it a few months ago. :)
We are finally installing our new, GORGEOUS doors in the bedrooms, going upstairs, and the bathroom, and might I add that they are PERFECT! Now I just need to find new knobs. :) I want black. Think I can find any anywhere?? Well, let me rephrase that....think I can find any that are not incredibly overpriced?? No sir-re Bob! So now I'm some that aren't going to cost 300$ for 4 knobs, or spend nothing and keep the darker silver type ones. (not sure of the name....) Ugh. It's times like this I really wish I knew anything at all about decorating. Blah.