Sunday, September 7, 2008

Livi the Ballerina!

So Livi started Ballet/Tap classes yesterday at Margueritte's. She was SO.EXCITED! She had on her little black leotard and pink tights and walked into a room full of 3 year old girls wearing the same thing! She did SO well standing in line, and walking into the classroom without us. She said she had a wonderful time and I'm hoping that it continues. :) Here's our little Princess....

In other news, we're doing a serious countdown to vaca time! We're leaving on the 20th so we have one more weekend to get through before we leave! WOW! I went and got my hair done this past week (now a RED head!) and I started tanning. I only went twice so far, and I'm fried. Like beat red thighs and belly, throbbing constantly. ::sigh:: oh well it's for the greater good right? I know I can't lose 60 pounds in the next two weeks, but maybe I can get some color on my skin!

Bohdi got into the garbage last night. ARGH! Then, just to make his point known, he threw up several times throughout the garbage mess as well. Niiccceee.

Last Tuesday (closed Monday for Labor Day) was Livis' first official day of Preschool! YAY! Of course really nothing changed since she was in the program from January through June of this year, but this time it was "official". I can't believe how fast she's growing up! She's such a smart little girl too, it's amazing :heart: