Sunday, April 27, 2008

Retail therapy

Who doesn't love shopping and spending money?? Mike went to breakfast and golfing with Steve today so Livi and I decided to go up to Kohls and see what they had there. Livi was an Angel and we got a bunch of new stuff! She picked out (yet another!) pair of shoes and 2 "spinning dresses" and she has yet to take the shoes off, lol. I got a new pair of pants for work, a shirt and a new dress. And of course some new shoes! Then we hit the jewelry section and who can resist some new jewelry? :) We even ended up going back up this evening and getting Mike a couple pairs of shorts and tried to get him new shoes but of course they never have his size in stock. ::insert shock:: It was such a great relaxing day!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bad bad blogger!

Ok so it's been awhile. Ooops. :(
Alot has been going on here! Roxy had puppies this past Wednesday, which means they are now 3 days old. Ahhhh!!!!! And any guess on how many she had???

Insane huh?? But they are all just too cute! Of course we want them all, and are seriously considering keeping one. But we'll see :)

Livi is growing up faster then ever! She's just adorable in everything that she says and everything that she does! We're going shopping for a swingset for her today...hoping we have some luck!